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National Sports Day

National Sports Day 2019 and 2020

National Sports Day in Qatar occurs every second Tuesday of February to promote a healthy lifestyle with plenty of physical exercise.

201912 FebTueNational Sports Day
202011 FebTueNational Sports Day

Sports activities are common, diverse, and very popular in Qatar. The biggest in terms of fans is football (soccer), but you will also find basketball, volleyball, cricket, swimming, horse racing, and camel racing are frequently engaged in. Additionally, there is a good deal of auto racing, powerboat racing, golf, and Olympic-style handball. Rowing competitions with traditional Qatari “Al Shawahef” boats are common as well and are as beautiful to watch as fun to take part in.

On National Sports Day in Qatar, the government actually requires that both public and private institutions organise sports events for their employees. Thus, it will not be hard to find events to attend if you wish to be physically active.